Weekly Chic – Red Lips

Ok…I have to admit I didn’t wear lipstick so much before because I always forgot this last step of makeup. Yesterday, I made a video call with my best friend Jen – a super stylish girl from Hong Kong. We had not seen each other for couple of months. I noticed that she was wearing red lipstick and looked amazing! She didn’t wear too much makeup on her eyes. So the red lip became the focal point on her face. I didn’t want to say that, but the truth was I had noticed the huge difference between bare lips and red lips. Even though women might be the most complicated thing in the world, but she still could be simple sometimes. After applying red lipstick this morning, I felt my energy had come back. I amazed that color actually influenced the aura a lot. A small difference actually could make a big change.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Marilyn Monroe. I know she might look sexier or prettier on other of her pictures, but this one mentioned innocence to me. In addition to No.5 perfume, Chanel “Ruby” lipstick is her favorite. This is not true red lipstick, but if you think the true red might look too vivid to wear in daily life, the reddish-orange is still a good choice.

I didn’t were too much eye shadow when I wore red lipstick. Every woman should know only one focal point on face is enough. Try to match black clothes with red lip. Nature eyes, red lips, black clothes…these might be what make Paris women look so chic.

Nars Kabuki Lip Coffret

Nars Kabuki Brush Set

Nars Kabuki collection is one of my favorites recently. François Nars was inspired by Japanese traditional kabuki makeup to create this artistic collection. The collection looks like an elegant Japanese cuisine. Since I ordered the Kabuki Lip Coffret, I knew I would never use them. How could I ruin this art piece?

Check out this video above which was made by makeup guru Michelle Phan.

Enjoy~Hope you find your perfect red lips!

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Weekly Favorite – Miss Bibi

I’m not a girl, not yet a woman, so my only question is how to find the balance between a girl and a woman? Last week, one of my friends sent me some pictures of Miss Bibi Jewelry and I was pretty sure I had found the answer.

Miss Bibi Jewelry

images: rakuten

Brigitte Giraudi, the hero behind the brand, created Miss Bibi in 2006 in Paris. This Central Saint Martin’s graduate transforms all miniature everyday life items into fine jewelry pieces. From high-heeled shoes to can openers, Brigitte Giraudi carefully builds her whimsical universal. The designer gets inspiration from children books, games, and toys. I was amazed of these little cute rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Every piece makes me scream I WANT THIS ONE!!

images: Miss Bibi

“In the miniature world of childhood, images alone are narrative fairy tales, flatness gains a lifelike third dimension, the mundane living room emerges a jewel encrusted cathedral…”

                                                                                                 by Brigitte Giraudi

Be Inspired!

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Perfect Loafers under $100

Perfect Loafers under $100

Pare Gabia flat heels, £53
Asos shoes, $64
Suede shoes, $100
Sperry Top-Sider flat heels, $98
Qupid shoes, $19
Suede loafer, £45
Bandolino crocs shoes, $50
Dolce Vita suede tassel loafer, £45
Suede loafer, £60
DV by Dolce Vita short heels, $89
Leopard print shoes, $66
Asos Leandra Girly Suede Loafer, $64

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Daisy’s Balloons

images: DaisyBalloon

I am pretty sure that everyone could be an artist, but the key point is using common objects in a different way. Daisy Balloon was created by Balloon artist Daisy (Rie Hosokai) and graphic designer Takashi Kawada. I am impressed by Daisy’s imagination. I can’t say that she is a genius for everything, but at least she is a genius for creating beautiful images by using balloons. As a little girl, I was crazy about balloons and still think it is a girly thing now. But after the little girl becoming a real woman, she still can be independent and powerful. Same as the balloons. An amazing thing is that Daisy creates almost everything with balloons. It is hard to say her works are “Fashion” collection because nobody can figure out how to wear these balloons to go outside. I would say her collection is actually Haute Couture – the only thing is that she uses unique “fabric”. When it comes to photo shoot, these ballon clothes were perfectly expressed through camera lens.

Daisy Balloon / FIERCIVE

images: DaisyBallon

Daisy Balloon / LAFORET

images: DaisyBallon

Daisy Balloon / Bear Dress

images: DaisyBallon

Daisy Balloon / RICH Magazine

images: DaisyBallon

I am not familiar with Japanese culture so much, but I used to think that most Japanese art works are minimalism. I love the clean and simple shapes of their architecture and enjoy shopping at Muji. I admit that when I first saw Daisy Balloon’s works, I didn’t think the artist was Japanese. Well, maybe it’s a time for me to know more about Japanese art and artists. I am so happy to know that Daisy Balloon had published its artworks on two months ago called Daisy Balloon Book. Before reading this book, I was attracted by the title. There is no need to put extra information in the title. If you love the artist and her works, you definitely will love this book. Same contents, but different colors of the cover. Just pick your favorite one and enjoy these balloons.

Daisy Balloon / Daisy Balloon Book

images: DaisyBallon

order it at Daisy Balloon

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Survey Time

Hi all! For improving the quality of my blog, I created these polls to ask for feedback. Your opinions and suggestions are very important for me. Just be honest and feel free to add new answers by leaving a comment. Thanks!

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Weekly Deal – Online Sale!

Shop @ The Outnet

Shop @ Neiman Marcus

Shop @ Saks Fifth Avenue

Most of my friends felt it so strange because I didn’t buy anything this Black Friday. It was so sad that I didn’t find any great deal this holiday. But these deals I found yesterday are so attractive! Maybe I was a bit of late to find these sales promotions, but I would love to share to you guys. Who said that the quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her? Since shopping is a woman thing, every woman shouldn’t be late to these kind of events.

Do you remember Carrie Bradshaw said that year after year, twenty-something women come to New York in search of the two “L”s: Labels & Love. Does it sound like a cliché? But it is true at all.

Ladies!Enjoy your right and…HAVE FUN!!

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Weekly Favorite – Carven

Even though Carven was actually established in 1945, it still sounds like a new brand. After Guillaume Henry being installed as creative director in 2009, this long-established French brand began to show a strong sign of recovery. The luxury retailers such as Barney’s and Net-A-Porter showed appreciation for Carven. Thanks for the young creative director’s contribution. Guillaume Henry, as a former assistant of Riccardo Tisci, infused energy to the brand to make it keep up with the trends of times.

Carven Summer 2012 “Introduction” Collection

images: Carven

Carven Winter 2011 Collection

images: Carven

When it comes to fashion, my problem is how to wear clothes as simple as possible but still be noticeable. Simple doesn’t mean plain. But not everybody has the potential to be the model in Celine’s advertising campaigns. The clean silhouette still need be accompanied by interesting details. Not too much, only a little surprise could make a big difference.

Campaign of Carven

images: Carven

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