Daisy’s Balloons

images: DaisyBalloon

I am pretty sure that everyone could be an artist, but the key point is using common objects in a different way. Daisy Balloon was created by Balloon artist Daisy (Rie Hosokai) and graphic designer Takashi Kawada. I am impressed by Daisy’s imagination. I can’t say that she is a genius for everything, but at least she is a genius for creating beautiful images by using balloons. As a little girl, I was crazy about balloons and still think it is a girly thing now. But after the little girl becoming a real woman, she still can be independent and powerful. Same as the balloons. An amazing thing is that Daisy creates almost everything with balloons. It is hard to say her works are “Fashion” collection because nobody can figure out how to wear these balloons to go outside. I would say her collection is actually Haute Couture – the only thing is that she uses unique “fabric”. When it comes to photo shoot, these ballon clothes were perfectly expressed through camera lens.

Daisy Balloon / FIERCIVE

images: DaisyBallon

Daisy Balloon / LAFORET

images: DaisyBallon

Daisy Balloon / Bear Dress

images: DaisyBallon

Daisy Balloon / RICH Magazine

images: DaisyBallon

I am not familiar with Japanese culture so much, but I used to think that most Japanese art works are minimalism. I love the clean and simple shapes of their architecture and enjoy shopping at Muji. I admit that when I first saw Daisy Balloon’s works, I didn’t think the artist was Japanese. Well, maybe it’s a time for me to know more about Japanese art and artists. I am so happy to know that Daisy Balloon had published its artworks on two months ago called Daisy Balloon Book. Before reading this book, I was attracted by the title. There is no need to put extra information in the title. If you love the artist and her works, you definitely will love this book. Same contents, but different colors of the cover. Just pick your favorite one and enjoy these balloons.

Daisy Balloon / Daisy Balloon Book

images: DaisyBallon

order it at Daisy Balloon

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