Weekly Favorite – Carven

Even though Carven was actually established in 1945, it still sounds like a new brand. After Guillaume Henry being installed as creative director in 2009, this long-established French brand began to show a strong sign of recovery. The luxury retailers such as Barney’s and Net-A-Porter showed appreciation for Carven. Thanks for the young creative director’s contribution. Guillaume Henry, as a former assistant of Riccardo Tisci, infused energy to the brand to make it keep up with the trends of times.

Carven Summer 2012 “Introduction” Collection

images: Carven

Carven Winter 2011 Collection

images: Carven

When it comes to fashion, my problem is how to wear clothes as simple as possible but still be noticeable. Simple doesn’t mean plain. But not everybody has the potential to be the model in Celine’s advertising campaigns. The clean silhouette still need be accompanied by interesting details. Not too much, only a little surprise could make a big difference.

Campaign of Carven

images: Carven

About Poppy&Sugar

A daydreamer and an idealist. After obtaining my BFA in Fashion in San Francisco in 2012, I moved to Vancouver and work as a freelance stylist and fashion blogger. I quite enjoy the nice weather but still miss San Francisco so much. I love everything from art to food, but fashion is the only one that I spend most of my time and passion on.
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