How To Be A Chic Child

image: Barney’s New York

I have no idea how many girls, like me, had been obsessed with fashion at a very young age. I recently noticed the book called The Super Adventures of Sophie and the City, which was written by Kelly Florio Kasouf, daughter of former Conde Nast publisher Steve Florio. The book mostly talks about Kelly Florio Kasouf’s own experiences. Beautiful illustration, Conde Nast building, labels, glamorous life inside the fashion publishing…the book has no lack of interesting elements which every fashionista wants to know. Is it a children’s book? Whatever…

Check it out!

images: Stylelist

About Poppy&Sugar

A daydreamer and an idealist. After obtaining my BFA in Fashion in San Francisco in 2012, I moved to Vancouver and work as a freelance stylist and fashion blogger. I quite enjoy the nice weather but still miss San Francisco so much. I love everything from art to food, but fashion is the only one that I spend most of my time and passion on.
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1 Response to How To Be A Chic Child

  1. Jennifer says:

    This is so cute! I love it, what a great find! Jen xoxo

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