Weekly Favorite – Paul Smith: The Boyfriend Thing

Even Coco Chanel, the style icon, had found it was difficult to resist boyish style. Wearing the menswear might be the easiest way to be stylish.  But the silliest misunderstanding is that loose and dropped waist plus boxy silhouette equals to typical boyfriend style. Wearing boyish style clothes doesn’t mean that we want to be men. It is just another way for women to be chic. Maybe male designers know it better. Paul Smith Spring 2012 Collection explained the perfect boyish style visually. The key items are always the tailored trim trousers and casual style jogging pants. Don’t forget pajamas – the current trend! Chic, comfortable, cozy, clean…There are just too many admiring words to write down each of them.

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Paul Smith Spring 2012 Collection

images: style.com

About Poppy&Sugar

A daydreamer and an idealist. After obtaining my BFA in Fashion in San Francisco in 2012, I moved to Vancouver and work as a freelance stylist and fashion blogger. I quite enjoy the nice weather but still miss San Francisco so much. I love everything from art to food, but fashion is the only one that I spend most of my time and passion on.
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